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Associate Professor, Tenure Track (M/F), in Clinical Research Management at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine of UNamur, Belgium

University faculty : Medicine
Department : Department of Biomedical Sciences
Grade : instructors
Contract : fixed term contract
Category : academic personnel
Allocation : University staff
Reference : poste 288-115 (poste Z 50008603) – CA 750


The Department of Biomedical Sciences of UNamur (https://www.unamur.be/en), Faculty of Medicine, is recruiting a full-time academic member for a tenure-track professorship in the field of clinical research management. This area should be understood broadly. Indeed, it includes both non-interventional and interventional studies encompassing the fields of clinical research, biomedical sciences, public health and epidemiology.

We are looking for an internationally oriented candidate with both educational competence and excellent experience in clinical research. The new faculty member will become a member of NARILIS, the NAmur Research Institute for LIfe Sciences (https://www.narilis.be/). NARILIS gathers scientists from diverse disciplines, including biologists, physicists, chemists, geographers, pharmacists and veterinarians from UNamur, as well as human healthcare professionals from the CHU UCL Namur. The selected candidate is expected to develop an ambitious research program and to contribute to education at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The appointment is expected to start on September 1st, 2023. After a 3-year period and upon a positive evaluation, the selected candidate will obtain a tenured position as assistant professor.


The Department of Biomedical Sciences coordinates the teaching of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biomedical sciences, as well as the Inter-University Certificate in Regulatory Affairs of Health Products. The department is also involved in the teaching and mentoring of PhD students in biomedical sciences.

The research activities of the Department of Biomedical Sciences are carried out within the framework of the NARILIS research institute (https://www.narilis.be/) and the Molecular Physiology Research Unit (URPhyM, https://www.unamur.be/medecine/urphym). The research laboratories within the department are the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Cancer (LBMC, https://www.unamur.be/medecine/urphym/lbmc), Laboratory of Biology of Intracellular Traffic (LBTI, https://www.unamur.be/medecine/urphym/lbti), Laboratory of Genetics (MBIG, https://www.unamur.be/medecine/urphym/mbig) and Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (GéMo, https://www.unamur.be/medecine/urphym/gemo). The department’s list of current research projects and publications can be found on the aforementioned websites. The Department of Biomedical Sciences is composed of 38 members, including 16 academics, 1 permanent scientist, 14 temporary scientists, 6 technicians, and 1 administrative assistant.


Candidates should demonstrate postdoctoral experience and proven expertise in clinical trials management. This broad area includes non-interventional studies, which cover, for instance, data collection and management, as well as database and health registry analyses. This area also includes interventional studies, such as clinical trials and biomarker development and evaluation. Candidates are expected to have already obtained excellent research results in at least one of these areas. As a faculty member, the selected candidate will develop a research program at the international level in one of these areas. He or she is expected to publish at the highest scientific level, obtain competitive funding and supervise master’s and PhD students.


• The candidate provides high-quality education in clinical trial management in the Faculty of Medicine within the master’s and bachelor’s programs, with a clear commitment to the quality of these programs.

• The candidate demonstrates skills and qualities with respect to teaching at an academic level or a strong willingness to develop these skills and qualities.

• The candidate contributes to the faculty’s pedagogical project by guiding student projects (bachelor’s and master’s theses) and supervising PhD students.


The candidate is prepared to provide scientific, societal and internal services. This includes playing an active part in representing the Department of Biomedical Sciences to new students and the wider professional field by participating in open days, networking events, fairs, and so on.


• You have a master’s in biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, public health or medicine and a PhD degree.

• You have a strong research profile. The quality of your research is proven by publications in leading international journals and conferences.

• International experience is mandatory and demonstrated through postdoctoral experience (a minimum cumulative 12-month period).

• You have demonstrable qualities related to academic education. The ability to immediately take on a wide range of educational tasks is an advantage.

• You possess organizational skills and have a cooperative attitude. You also possess leadership competencies in a university context.

• Good proficiency in English is required. The Department of Biomedical Sciences provides courses in English.

• The official administrative language used at UNamur is French. If you do not speak French (or do not speak it well) at the start of your employment, you must commit to becoming fluent in French within two years.

Primary selection criteria

• The candidate’s qualifications and competences, as described above ;

• Quality of the scientific project proposal and of the teaching vision statement ;

• Quality of scientific publications.

Other criteria

• Creativity and innovation in teaching methods ;

• Experience as a team leader/collaborations ;

• Professional experience in clinical trials or associated fields ;

• Demonstration of some ability to obtain/secure grants.

Additional information

For more information on the contents of the job, please contact: Prof. Pierre Garin (Dean of the Faculty), 0032 81 72 43 53, Email: doyen.medecine@unamur.be

Prof. Jean-Pierre Gillet (Director of the Department of Biomedical Sciences), 0032 81724275, Email: jean-pierre.gillet@unamur.be

For administrative questions: Human Resources Department, 0032 81 72 40 40, Email: developpement.rh@unamur.be


Please provide :

• A detailed curriculum vitae ;

• A motivation letter ;

• This filled out form (https://www.unamur.be/universite/jobs/formulaires/formulaire- de-candidature-pour-le-personnel-academique-francais-anglais/view) ;

• A document (maximum: 5 pages) describing the teaching vision of the candidate ;

• A document (maximum: 5 pages) describing the research project and 3 publications.

The complete application must be sent to Human Resources (candidature@unamur.be) and to the Dean of the Medicine Faculty (Pr. Pierre Garin, email: doyen.medecine@unamur.be).


The human resources management policy of the University of Namur is based on respect for the equal rights and equal treatment of all. Diversity is articulated around different axes, including gender, disability, origin, beliefs, age, sexual orientation, and so on. The University of Namur is also a signatory of the Charter of Diversity.