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A full-time Academic (W/M) at the Physics department – Faculty of Sciences

University faculty : Sciences
Department : Physics department
Grade : academic position
Contract : fixed term contract
Category : academic personnel
Allocation : University staff
Reference : CA720/2021-24 – 272-117


Within the University of Namur, the Faculty of Sciences has nearly 1,400 students and 500 staff members, including 60 academics and 300 scientists. It offers 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle programs in biology, chemistry, geology, geography, mathematics, physics and veterinary medicine.

The Department of Physics of UNamur is recruiting a full-time assistant professor who will conduct high-level scientific research at the LARN Laboratory (https://www.unamur.be/en/sci/physics/ur-en/larn-en) and will teach general physics at the bachelor level and courses close to his/her specialty at the master level. This person will deepen the laboratory's areas of research, but will also propose new openings in the field of charged particles-inert matter interaction.

The research project will be based on existing equipment available within the technological platforms (http://platforms.unamur.be/) and will be carried out within the framework of the University's institutes (https://www.unamur.be/en/research/institutes/). For example, the project could focus on the fundamental study of irradiation damage, the production and characterization of new materials, astrophysics or compact plasma accelerators. This list is not exhaustive, but the research activities will have to be based on the laboratory's accelerator (HVEE Tandetron 2 MV terminal voltage), and will also rely on obtaining beam times on higher energy accelerators (e.g. 50 MeV/nucleon) within the framework of international collaborations (transnational access) with the aim to prepare a possible renewal of the University's accelerator.

Your missions

Within the Department of Physics, you will take on teaching, research and service missions, and more specifically, you will:

• Conduct original fundamental or applied high-level research in the field of charged particles-inert matter interaction ;

• Lead a research team at LARN and obtain national and international funding ;

• Be involved in the teaching projects of the Physics Department. He/she will teach basic physics courses at undergraduate level as well as nuclear physics and introductory astrophysics courses. She/he will also teach courses related to her/his specialty at Master level. The total teaching load will be about 150 h per year at the end of the probationary period (3 years) ;

• Participate in the organization of the department and advertise the curriculum ;

• Participate in the University's activities (thesis juries, working groups, internal committees) and represent the University outside (scientific committees, project evaluation, etc.) ;

• Promote the University at the international level.


Diploma and experience

• You hold a PhD in the physical or material sciences or a PhD degree in a field recognized as relevant to the position by the selection committee ;

• You have completed at least 12 months of post-doctoral research outside the University where the doctoral research was conducted and have demonstrated significant international mobility ;

• You have demonstrated research experience in the field of charged particles-inert matter interaction, supported by high-level publications.


You have the following skills and knowledge:

• an ability to integrate into existing structures within UNamur, particularly within the LARN laboratory, the physics department and UNamur research institutes ;

• an ability to obtain national and international funding to carry out research projects ;

• an aptitude and great motivation for university teaching ;

• a very good knowledge of English and a commitment to being able to participate in administrative meetings and teach in French before the end of the probationary period (3 years).

Essential selection criteria :

• The profile, experience and skills listed above ;

• The quality of the research project and educational design provided in the application file ;

• The quality of the lesson given during the interview ;

• Significant publications in quality journals (peer reviewed).

Additional information

Professor Laurent HOUSSIAU, Director of the Physics Department. Tel: +32 (0) 81 724512 - E-mail: direction.physique@unamur.be

Professor Anne-Catherine HEUSKIN, adjunct director of LARN laboratory Tel: +32 (0)81 725477 – E-mail: anne-catherine.heuskin@unamur.be

For any administrative question, you can contact the Human Resources Department, Tel. : 081 / 72.40.40 - E-mail: developpement.rh@unamur.be

Contract: definite nomination with integration period - A probationary period of three years is foreseen if the successful candidate is appointed for the first time within the framework of the academic staff of UNamur.

Starting date: February 01, 2022



• Reimbursement of public transport costs.

• Free access to the university car park.

• Access to the FUNny crèche (primarily intended for children with at least one parent working or studying at UNamur).

• A workplace located in Namur (Belgium), less than 10 minutes from the train station.

• Numerous discounts at various stores (shopping and leisure).

• Personal accident insurance and hospitalization insurance at preferential rates (no obligation to subscribe).

• The possibility of applying for a scientific mission during which the person can devote himself/herself exclusively to his/her research activities, in accordance with the provisions laid down by the Board of Directors The salary scheme applied at the University of Namur can be consulted on our website: https://www.unamur.be/universite/jobs/baremes

Selection procedure

• Examination of application files by a recruitment and selection committee ;

• The candidates selected for an audition will be invited to present their projects (research and educational) and to give a lesson, on an imposed theme, in front of the selection committee ;

• The candidates ranked by the selection committee will be invited to an interview with the human resources department before the decision by the board of directors ;

• The start of work is scheduled for February 1, 2023.

How to apply?

The application file will include:

  1. a complete curriculum vitae ;
  2. a cover letter ;
  3. the application form to be downloaded at the following address (https://www.unamur.be/universite/jobs/formulaires/formulaire-de- candidature-pour-le-personnel-academique-francais-anglais/view) ;
  4. a full list of publications ;
  5. the contact details of three referees ;
  6. the research project (max 5 pages) specifying the short, medium and long term scientific objectives, the equipment needs, the funding strategy and the potential interactions with the University's research teams. It should be based, among other things, on existing equipment, including the ALTAIS accelerator, and on obtaining beam time in other institutions ;
  7. a document (2 to 3 pages) outlining the pedagogical project, reflecting the vision of the applicant’s approach to university teaching.

The file must be sent to Mr. Philippe LIZIN, Director of the Human Resources Department, by email to candidature@unamur.be by August 15, 2022 at the latest.

A french version is also available on the website: https://jobs.unamur.be/emploi.2022-05- 18.7048841891