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A Full-Time Doctoral position (M/F)

University faculty : Sciences
Department : Department of Chemistry / Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Chemistry (CMI) / Department of Biology / Laboratory of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (URBC-NARILIS)
Grade : Doctoral position
Contract : fixed term contract
Category : scientific personnel
Allocation : External funds


We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with a Master degree in Biology or Chemistry (or equivalent) to conduct research in a starting ARC/CRA (Action de Recherche Concertée/Concerted Research Action) project entitled: “Differentiation and Encapsulation of β-like cells for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus”. The proposal aims to develop innovative capsules containing beta-like cells derived from iPSCs that could correct and regulate glycemia in the context pre-clinical studies of Type I diabetes, an autoimmune disease that leads to the destruction of pancreatic β-cells and thus hampers an effective lycaemia regulation. The research program will deal with the differentiation of hiPSCs into insulin secreting β-like cells, the design of a hybrid capsule with a core/shell structure with controlled porosity, the synthesis of microcapsules via an innovative droplet-based microfluidic approach, the assessment of in vitro cell viability and metabolic activity as well as in vivo biocompatibility and glycaemia regulation.


We are looking for a highly self-motivated, audacious, tenacious and creative Master student or bioscience engineer. The candidate must be able to work independently, as well as demonstrate a strong commitment to the team-based work with strong organization skills as the candidate will work in a strong collaboration with a Post-Doctoral researcher. The candidate should:

• Hold a Master of Science degree in one of following disciplines: bioscience engineering, chemistry biotechnology, biochemistry, biology or equivalent ;

• Show proof of proficiency in French or English (or both), both in oral and written communication ;

• Be a team player who can work autonomously but also as a team-player, pro-actively and is able to meet deadlines ;

• Be willing to spend part of her/his time abroad for research activities and participation in workshops and conferences.

Candidate with a good knowledge of material chemistry and/or stem cell biology and a certificate in laboratory animal cience and experimentation will be considered as an advantage.

Related recent publications from the labs

  1. Leroux-G et al., Hybrid Alginate@TiO2 Porous Microcapsules as a Reservoir of Animal Cells for Cell Therapy, ACS Appl. Mater. Interf., 2018, 10, 37865−37877
  2. Leroux-G et al., Alginate@TiO2 hybrid microcapsules as a reservoir of beta INS-1E cells with controlled insulin delivery, J. Mater. Sci., 2020, 55, 7857– 7869
  3. Leroux-G et al., Alginate@TiO2 hybrid microcapsules with high in vivo biocompatibility and stability for cell therapy, Colloids Surf., B: Biointerf., 2021, 203, 111770

Additional information

Prof. Bao-Lian Su (bao-lian.su@unamur.be), Director of the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Chemistry (CMI), Department of Chemistry, University of Namur. Prof. Thierry Arnould (thierry.arnould@unamur.be), Director of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (URBC), Department of Biology, University of Namur.

Contract : 48 months

Starting date : 1st October 2022


The salary applied in the University of Namur can be consulted on our website https://www.unamur.be/universite/jobs/baremes

How to apply : The application that will contain a detailed curriculum vitae with the list of your publications, contact addresses of three references and a letter of motivation, should be sent to Prof. Bao-Lian Su, by e-mail to bao-lian.su@unamur.be AND Prof. Thierry Arnould (thierry.arnould@unamur.be) by August 1, 2022 at the latest. Selected candidates will then be interviewed in the first two weeks of August.