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Full-time research scientist in virology and cancer biology

Department : Namur Research Institute for Life Sciences (NARILIS)
Grade : researcher
Contract : fixed term contract
Category : scientific personnel


Topic: Involvement of viral infections in oncogenesis

Background: After the spontaneous mutations linked with aging, the second most frequent type of mutations observed in cancer genomes is attributed to the APOBEC3 enzymes (Apolipoprotein B Editing Catalytic subunits 3 or A3s). A3s are normal components of the innate immune system restricting viruses and retroelements by cytidine deamination. The mutations attributed to the A3s are very common in lung cancer and their number increases significantly during the course of the disease. More specifically, we are investigating whether certain respiratory viruses can promote A3-related mutations and thus lead to lung cancer. We combine in silico analyses with in vitro viral infection of primary human bronchial cells and an in vivo mouse model of A3-driven lung cancer. The candidate will benefit from the stimulating NARILIS scientific environment (courses, seminars, technology platforms…).

Research project

The candidate will focus on the search for an APOBEC3 mutational signature in the genome of various viruses. She/He will also investigate the presence of viral sequences in whole genome tumor sequences. Wet lab activities might be considered depending on the candidate wishes.


The candidate should have a master degree of biology or bioengineering and an additional formation in bioinformatic and statistical tools. He/She should demonstrate high motivation, commitment and ability to work in a team. Previous experience in a research lab is an asset.

Additional information

Prof. Nicolas GILLET - nicolas.gillet@unamur.be


Contract: ending in November 2018 and the candidate is expected to apply for a subsequent PhD position.


Please download the application file:


and send it, before December 14th, to: nicolas.gillet@unamur.be.

Prof Nicolas GILLET, URVI, 61 Rue de Bruxelles, 5000, Namur, Belgium.